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She thought she was the ugly duckling and now she has too many men to choose from! Find out how she did it… This all about us women seeking men and a true story from ugly duckling to men chasing her. Her name is Jenna but this may be you.

You have an inner drive and natural desire to be partnered. Sometimes you push it down, or even stuff it down… but it always comes back. Why? Because we are wired to be together. You can spend five more years denying that fact OR you can start to uncover what it might be that makes love seem more difficult for you than everybody else…

One woman wasn’t sticking her head in the sand. She was super into personal development and had spent thousands to find out the answer to that exact question. “Why was love not working out for me?” After all, she was an attractive and successful whip smart entrepreneur. She was seeking experts to help her answer her question for the past handful of years. She had tried all kinds of programs to help her find love, including Matthew Hussey’s multi-thousand dollar retreat in Florida.

She still struggled with finding high quality men to date.

Until the day that all changed. She stumbled across relationship expert, Megan Weks and the concept of The Manfunnel. It was so empowering to think of a dating concept where women were taking control of their relationship futures. She loved the idea and signed up for the course to get all of Megan’s tools on how to navigate the dating world in this new and exciting way!

She was thrilled to report that, “This program was the game changer!”

“Instead of being desperately seeking my partner, I am now happily seeking my partner”

“I have the skills to attract high quality men over and over again… It’s like I have a magic wand!”

See what else Jenna has to say about the program first hand on this short video clip.

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