The 10 Dating Experts & Coaches To Watch in 2021

Creator of the successful “The Manfunnel® Method”, certified Relationship Coach Megan Weks is championing the cause of high achieving women who struggle with attracting a quality partner that meets their needs. Leveraging the experience gained in her high pressure sales job, Megan thought to translate her strategies into the dating sphere, doing away with the linear dating methods that left her feeling stuck in routine and out of time.

Megan’s Manfunnel® Method implements a specifically defined framework of strategies that is more akin to learning a new language; including Excited Man Babble™, Oxytocin Cloud™, The Exploratory Phase™, The Art of Nexting, etc. These strategies build together to create a new lifestyle that lets women feel confident going into their dates, offering a scientific insight and understanding into the psychology and behaviours that men exhibit during the dating process.

The Manfunnel® Method has seen much success since it’s development by Megan over 4 years ago, and has seen Megan published in various media outlets, including Forbes, Psychology Today, Reader’s Digest and more. In just the past thirty days alone, six of her clients have announced their engagement or dream relationship. Motivated women who can’t seem to translate the energy that pushes their career goals forward into their love life relate to Megan and the Manfunnel® Method, enabling to express their magnetic energy in all aspects of their life, and attract the right partner for them.

Link to the full article in Yahoo Finance.

If you’re ready to intelligently streamline your entire dating process, create more meaningful connections, and find the love of your life THIS YEAR, here’s your invite to join The Manfunnel Vault.

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