“There was a desire inside to meet a man, who was a fire that was never quenched”

– Megan Weks

Welcome! We are so glad you’ve found us. If you are a full-package woman who is not attracting men to your full potential, and it feels difficult or confusing, you are in the right place. It is no coincidence that you’ve gravitated to this page. We invite you to join us to explore our proven process that has supported so many incredible women toward finding the love of their lives.

Megan Weks is a certified dating and relationship coach, author, and speaker who helps successful, high-achieving women find lasting love.

Her creation of The Manfunnel Method has attracted numerous media outlets including Forbes, Psychology Today, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Bustle, and more. After years of crumb-picking and broken hearts, the signature “Manfunnel” technique was born, and Megan was married to the love of her life within a year.

Now, she guides thousands of women into the method so they too can attract, meet, and marry the man of their dreams as well.

What is a Manfunnel?

Filling your “funnel” is a common term used in sales. It refers to the process customers go through before they decide to buy. Sitting in her cubicle at her high-pressure sales job in Manhattan-fresh off another bad break-up, Megan Weks decided to apply what she had learned in sales to her dating life and the Manfunnel Method was born. She would fill her funnel with men and date them all. By process of elimination called “nexting” she would lessen her funnel until her One, made his way through. The One is Josh, and they were married within a year. The catch? It’s not that simple…

The Manfunnel Method®

The inefficiencies of today’s “Linear dating” is leaving even the most intelligent women feeling left out while they wonder why love isn’t working for them. It’s learning a new language; Excited Man Babble (EMB), The Oxytocin Cloud, The Exploratory Phase, Performance Mode, The Exclusivity Trap, the art of Nexting and attracting Mr. Next. The Method is a science, and ultimately a whole new way of life.

Gabrielle Natalie

Women who work with Gabi become irresistibly confident, grounded, soft and sexy in a way that. Men. Notice. She is our Chief Manfunnel Master Coach who supports women in having the relationships they want through connecting to their feminine power.

Gabi adores cats, both geeky and comedic podcasts, and is committed to market research by dating and taking notes. With a degree in Psychology, she’s obsessed with neuroscience, spreadsheets & is also the COO here at The Manfunnel®.


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