The 5 reasons you’re losing him

blog the 5 reasons you're loosing him

He was excited at first… He called, texted, maybe even did some future talk and got you excited about the possibilities of the relationship…

You don’t find someone you like that frequently so you start to imagine him as your man, your partner.

You start to hang your hopes on him.

You just can’t help it… I mean you’re a WOMAN after all and we just do this sort of thing. It’s biological okay?! 🤷‍♀️

You begin to secretly fear that he will back away like most of the men in the past have backed away…

And then it begins to manifest in real life.

His urgency for seeing you seems to die down…

It’s like a sick self-fulfilling prophecy!

You tell yourself, he said he was “busy at work” or had that “family member” he needed to look after, or he “has his kids this weekend” and that’s why he didn’t call…

You start to make excuses for him.

The pit in your stomach starts to grow deeper with each passing hour.

Just when you figure him for gone…

He texts you “hey” or “come over.” 🤷‍♀️

What’s a girl to do?

You miss him… You’re sad. The chemistry was just so GOOD with him!

Maybe if he “feels it again he will come back to me…”

But it doesn’t last…

What happened?

Even seemingly good men can back away leaving us feeling lost, confused and disappointed.

There are five underlying reasons why this is happening to you:

1) You don’t understand the energetic dynamics within relationships so the polarity is lost and the attraction fizzles

2) You are bleeding masculine energy within relationships. Your need to control and analyze is ruining your vibe and it’s not the kind of environment that leads to two hearts connecting, deeply.

3) Speaking of hearts connection, you’re guarded and you don’t realize it so you’re attracting emotionally unavailable men in the first place and you really don’t know how to build an emotional bond with a man, that sticks (I certainly didn’t…)

4) You’re very sensitive inside but you don’t know how to express it properly and it comes off as tough or reactive…drama. This is like taking a can of man repellant and spraying it directly on a man. If you’re not comfortable with your own emotions and you don’t know how to properly express them to a man in a way he can understand, you’re likely communicating in damaging ways within your relationship.

5) Your deep beliefs about yourself not truly being worthy of love & adoration are creeping out in behaviors and he’s reading this as “low value mate.” You can’t fake it till you make it when it comes to your deep inner beliefs. At some point they come up and demonstrate your relationship fitness to the men in your funnel.

I was speaking to such a cool woman who joined Manfunnel Boot Camp, yesterday. She told me something that was not a surprise but it’s something that I thought was fazing out, as hiring a coach for dating has become more mainstream…

She told me she knew that love wasn’t happening for her the way she wanted it to and therefore that was a sign she needed some support. What struck me was that she admitted to feeling shame around needing some support in love. If you’re feeling similarly, I want you to know that getting a bit of support on love is the smartest thing an intelligent woman can to do make the change she is seeking. If you’re not seeing a change then it’s because something you’re doing or something you’re not doing needs to change first.

I can help you to identify what’s going on in order to make quick shift to see results.

We get help in our businesses, on our health, on investing, to become better at our jobs, to become better at sports, or singing, and the list goes on but what about getting help in the most important area of our life? Our relationships. 💥

Taking one coaching course or being in a free dating group or getting some therapy may just not have been enough for you to make the lasting changes you desire to make.

This happens to be the most ideal time to learn & utilize the life altering Manfunnel Method® of dating and we will guide you through every bit of the process inside. Join us today.



P.S. The early bird pricing ends in a week!

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