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Sometimes it’s hard to know what to look out for as signs that your relationship won’t last. But there are signs your relationship won’t last and the 2 things you need to start a great relationship.

One of the biggest signs that your relationship won’t last is if the two of you do not feel a natural comfort around each another. The reason why this will make it hard for your relationship to last is because while the two of you are attracted to each other and there is a spark, the relationship needs more than that to survive.

What it needs to survive is the ability to a get into the deeper emotional intimacy stage. In a nut-shell, what that means is that both of you need to feel comfortable enough with each other to be able to reveal things about yourselves which might feel scary to share. Showing up as “perfect” for one another will actually start do diminish the spark that you had in the first place.

You need to get to this deeper place for the spark to turn into a slow and steady flame. When we don’t have natural comfort around someone, it makes it entirely more difficult to open up and be ourselves, which is a key ingredient in creating a bond which lasts. The good news is that if you feel uneasy around him there are ways to create a more comfortable environment between the two of you.

Take a risk and reveal something which you may perceive is less than lovable about yourself. Remember, we are only human, and we are all flawed. It’s true that a guy will love you even more for your imperfections, when you can demonstrate that you’re comfortable with yourself, flaws and all! This will help him to feel that he does not have to be perfect around you and he can start to lighten up and be himself. This will help both of you to feel more at-ease and able to take the relationship to a higher plane.

One of the biggest questions you can ask yourself when dating someone new is, “Does this person qualify as ‘best friend’ material” ?

What you need for the relationship to last is someone who feels like a “best friend” who you also have mutual attraction. If you have those two things, you’re off to a great start!

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