How nurturing him kills attraction

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If you’re a person in the helping fields, a coach, therapist, or someone who just loves helping people, and you’re very nurturing, this could be ruining your relationships with men…

If there is a pattern of having emotionally lazy men in your life, read on.

But before we dive in I want you to know that you can still be yourself and do things for him, however it must remain in the “sweet spot.”

I’m about to tell you how nurturing your man, even by accident, is killing the attraction in your relationships but first you need to know why that matters and what it looks like when the attraction fizzles…

First of all, the attraction to one another is what holds the relationship together. Sure, a relationship can remain due to strong commitment alone, and that’s an important factor. However a relationship which lacks attraction will not be the kind of warm, exciting, fun and HOT relationship that we all want…

Even when he knows you’re an incredible woman, beautiful, amazing and the full package.

If the attraction is weakening he won’t be able to put his finger on why the romantic feelings are fading…

When the attraction fizzles sometimes we are only left with the commitment, which we then also risk losing!

When we have a really giving, loving nature, we want to do things for our man and care for him… We feel good when we are doing things for him and others. If we really think about it, we feel like we have a sense of purpose. We feel at our most valuable when we have something to offer, right?

***The important thing here is that you know the time and place to nurture your man***

Number one is that you need to wait until he deserves it…

The things you may be doing in the early days of your dating process where you may not see it right away… if you’re honest with yourself you are doing things to “woo” the man. The problem is the man knows inside that he should be woo-ing you!!

He won’t be able to put it into words but he can feel that you are subconsciously trying to bring value when what attracts him on a primal level is when he can feel that you know you have value before doing a thing…

What makes him feel good in the early days is when he is able to bring that value. Often times what I see is that women are “stealing their thunder” completely by accident.

I remember doing a ton of things to prove my worthiness around men back then… I didn’t realize that fact was making it hard for me to receive in relationships… I didn’t realize I was doing it because maybe somewhere deep inside I didn’t feel like I was enough…

I didn’t realize that perhaps role I played in my household growing up was contributing to all of it.

The symptoms of over-nurturing are:

Your man getting emotionally and or physically lazy, not texting or calling as much, not wanting sex, not working to please you or be romantic, the slow faaaadddeee …even straight up ghosting you.

It boils down to knowing how to show up as the high-value woman that his instincts tell him is “the one” or not.

Knowing how to do this can give you so much more success in every interaction you have with men. Leaving you with many more options… and way less chance of losing the one you want… or the one you love…

That my love, is absolutely priceless.

Now of course I get to nurture my man from time to time in ways he loves, BUT I’m totally aware that my need to nurture is STRONG. Thank goodness for Sandy and Zeus (my doggies), my kiddos Noah & Sydney, and for my wonderful Manfunnel VIP members. Without them it would be hard for me to manage my strong need to help, love, guide, and nurture.

I’m living my purpose. I have things in my life to feel passionate about and to keep me filled up in so many ways. This keeps the polarity in my relationship extremely healthy with my husband..

Knowing when and how to nurture your man so you don’t over or under-do it (staying in sweet spot) is an absolutely critical skill from the beginning of the dating process to nearly six years of marriage, like me, and beyond.

It’s just one of the many things we define and learn in The Manfunnel Vault

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Throughout The Manfunnel Vault, you will learn how there is a definite sweet spot in so many of the areas related to how we thrive with a masculine partner. I want you to master all of them.This is critical information no matter what stage of relationship you are in currently.

If you’ve realized you could be an over nurturer and you’re really not sure if it’s been eroding your relationships and you want to chat about this, hit reply and let me know. I want to hear from you. I want to help you define what a balanced relationship looks like with a masculine man and how to inspire his primal urges to claim you and to eat out of the palm of your hand for life!

Hugs & love,Megan

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