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How many times have you had to walk away from a relationship because it was breaking your heart? Or even though he’s been breaking your heart over-and-over again for years, you just don’t want to let him go. Can I avoid heartbreak by not saying goodbye to Mr Wrong? It may be that all of your friends are sick of hearing about him. They wonder how a beautiful, successful, capable woman like you could be wasting so much time on the wrong man. Even to the point you feel embarrassed to talk about him to them. What if I told you that he could accompany you on your path to finding the one, and that this could be an advantage? Now Let’s Have Real Talk A client who had been seeing a man for over 5 years (and wasting her time with him, as far as all her girlfriends were concerned) couldn’t shake him off as hard as she tried. Once she finally understood that it was ok to keep him around, she was so relieved. The pressure she felt when she tried to push him away was working against her and was helping make his hold on her heart even stronger. We worked out a plan that altered a few of her mindsets including the way she thought about her current situation and how she could benefit from still having this man in her world. In her mind she was running out of time and things were becoming urgent. If she wanted a family, it was time to take some sort of action. But she couldn’t seem to define how to do this on her own. This led her into my practice and changed her life. As she worked with our tools and practiced them in the world, something incredible happened. When she was with her current man she started to have deep, self-loving thoughts of wanting and deserving more. Their time together was still enjoyable. But now she lost those intense do-or-die feelings of attraction that had an unhealthy grip on her for so long. She finally developed the confidence to know that with these tools. She also was able to create the kind of deep committed love she ached for inside. As her perspective opened up things began shifting in her world. Now her hopes and beliefs strengthened as she followed her new inner “knowing” that she would definitely find her love. The incredible part is what happened next. Within a year she was engaged and had a wedding date set with a man who had seemed to simply fall out of the sky. Her friends and family were shocked and pleased about the happy news. This is an example of the magic that occurs as a result of some minor shifts we will do It can happen that quickly! So when you ask yourself can I avoid heartbreak by not saying goodbye to Mr Wrong? The answer is yes. Two weeks ago a woman in my Facebook group got engaged from just from reading the posts! They actually helped her to learn how to choose the right kind of man. Think of what You will take away from the magic of the The Manfunnel Vault Community? I can’t wait to see you in there and get to know you! Be adored. See you in Love!

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