Spinsters, harlots, and gentleman callers (story of a judgy grandma) 👵

You may be wondering what exactly a Manfunnel® is and how it will work for you.

A Manfunnel® is simply a group of men who are looking to date you and pursue you for a relationship.

You may be saying you’re a “one man” type of gal…

I hear you. I felt the exact same way when I was dating.

Back then, I’d have a man in my life who I felt so strongly that he was my one. It was heart wrenching when things didn’t workout the way I was hoping and dreaming they would work out. It was honestly so gut wrenching and painful when it did not. This happened over and over again.

I’d allow these men to seep into my soul. I felt we were truly meant to be. I thought, “It has to work out with somebody” or “I know I’m a great catch.”

This thought process kept me from looking within and making important shifts sooner in my life.

You see, love doesn’t happen because it should. Love doesn’t happen because we choose a man or sink our teeth into him and try to make it work. Love doesn’t happen when we work hard to become more and more perfect, cool, fit, funny or successful.

Love doesn’t happen because we are the full package.

Love just does not work that way.

It took me many years to stop dating in what I’d call the “obsessive” linear model and to where my energy was only about me and what was actually truly best for me.

I was blind to how I was dating. I was allowing my subconscious mind to do all the work. This landed me in the same pattern over and over again with imaginary relationships, impossible relationships, and men who wouldn’t stick around for the long-run.

The Manfunnel® Mindset changed everything for me.

People get confused about The Manfunnel. They think you need to date a whole bunch of people and envision themselves a harlot.

Rather we are taking important notes from our great grandmothers by learning to explore options with certain “eh-hem” sexual boundaries…

You can view it as exploring gentleman callers rather than “dating.”

Grandma can easily see how our current methods of jumping into the sack can easily lead to being a spinster. This is what my best friend’s grandma told her! That’s right before she tapped into The Manfunnel and met her forever guy in lightning speed right before her 37th birthday. Grandma she nearly choked on her dentures.

But seriously though this method is actually not even about dating to fall in love with someone else.

It’s about truly falling in love with yourself.

It wasn’t until I fully understood the concepts and mindset of The Manfunnel® and started functioning in this new way, that I noticed men were really stepping up to the plate for me. They wanted to stick around. They wanted to make me their own.

Don’t worry if you can’t see yourself dating more than one man or you can’t even find more than one date! It’s the MINDSET of the Manfunnel® process that will start to help you gain the confidence AND the skills to get everything flowing for you.

In The Manfunnel® LIVE Experience you will learn to:

  • Navigate the The Manfunnel Method of dating (new way to date, speak, and all the tools and scripts that go with it!)
  • Choose your best match and put a stop to dead-end relationships and broken hearts
  • Approach dating knowing what you want so you send the right messages to the universe and men
  • Inspire the right man to feel urgency to commit to you
  • Save years of time by using this approach to dating

Learning and applying these techniques will lead you to your dream relationship with your dream man. It can happen for you. It will happen for you. It can happen quickly. Just like it did for me.

Our entire program is designed with that in mind: For high caliber women who are looking to attract high caliber men and create everlasting love.

How do you get there? 

The Manfunnel® LIVE Experience. 

The Manfunnel is a lifestyle.

Tap in with us.

Love you,


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