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 Megan is an experienced and dynamic speaker. From live events to conferences and workshops, she speaks all over the country on a range of topics including:

  • How to find and marry your dream man in a year or less

  • Ways to stop settling and get everything you want in a man

  • Where to meet high quality men (both online and offline)

  • How to effortlessly create a “Manfunnel” where you have multiple men competing for your attention

  • How to keep attraction alive for the long-run

Megan Weks speaking at a convention
Who is ready toMaster Your Manfunnel?!

Past Events

The Power of Energy – Ludlow Soho House, NYC February 2017

Radiate Love: How to Attract and KEEP the Love That You Want -Online Summit March 2017

Attract The One You Want Video Summit – March 2017

The Power of Energy – Soho House, Miami Beach June 2017

Master Your Manfunnel LIVE – Miami Beach June 2017

Attract Extraordinary Love Video Series – Online Summit September 2017

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What women are saying?

Master Your Manfunnel – How to maximize your dating efforts to find your soulmate quickly. How to navigate the dating process authentically without broken hearts

The Power of Energy – How to maximize your personal energy source inside of your heart to magnetize others

What The Flip Is Feminine Energy Anyhow -Learn exactly what is feminine and masculine energy and how to create feminine energy flow inside your body to become the most powerful version of yourself