He’ll Take You For Granted If You Do This:

Have you been in a new relationship where the man is extremely excited about you in the beginning and then his enthusiasm starts to plateau or even go downhill? Why is it that a seemingly adoring man who speaks about the future with you can simply turn around a change [...]

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Are You Attached?

Did you cuddle with him on the bed or the couch and you’ve found yourself attached? You may not even had had sex with this man but you’re attached! You keep thinking about him and you’re not interested in dating other men. You may even feel DISGUSTED by other men? [...]

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Are You Accidentally Repelling Him?

Let me start by saying that if we didn't know how to utilize our masculine energy, we would not be where we are in our careers... We need our masculine energy! But is yours too much for him? Do you often get excited about the possibility of a new relationship [...]

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The #1 Pitfall. Are you Doing It?

My lovely ladies, When you are dating and looking for the right man, it is easy to crave the closeness of another person and want to be near someone. I completely understand how it may be easy to fall into bed with a man that you find attractive. However, I [...]

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Are You Blocking Love?

Hi my ladies, I recently watched the commencement speech given by Jim Carrey at Maharishi University’s 2014 graduation. Carrey told the tale of success through the thought processes of a superstar - a rare opportunity for insight. After watching the speech I thought to myself, "these celebrities are really just [...]

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Don’t Sleep With The One

When I tell women to not get exclusive with a man for at least three months and to not hook up deeply or have sex, some think this is very difficult to do. There are ways to make this easier. There are specific ways to slow things down to a [...]

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