Are You Attached?

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Did you cuddle with him on the bed or the couch and you’ve found yourself attached?
You may not even had had sex with this man but you’re attached!
You keep thinking about him and you’re not interested in dating other men.

You may even feel DISGUSTED by other men?

Do you know what I mean?

Ladies, I get this.
I have been there.

What you’re feeling is the attachment hormone, Oxytocin, playing a TRICK on your brain and body.

Remember, it is a trick and he is not necessarily your “one.”
Your one will be coming toward you, leaning in, and taking action to further the relationship.

So ask yourself, is he doing these things?
Don’t grasp on to the WRONG man.
Keep moving forward on your path to find your one.
Keep surrounding yourself with new energies.
Don’t allow yourself to get STUCK and waste your own time.
Your time is too valuable.

How do we act when we’re attached?

I remember how I acted…

I acted out in fear and jealousy. I couldn’t relax and be my FUN self around him anymore. I waited for his call or text or hoped I’d have plans with him for the weekend, which was creeping up quickly… I’d get super sad and disappointed when he did not call and ended up backing away from me altogether.

How do you avoid feeling attached?

When we hug a man for as little as six seconds, or cuddle, or have intercourse, the Oxytocin flows through our bodies and brains and we get ATTACHED.

Steer clear from hanging at each other’s places until you know that this man is looking for the same things as you and he is looking for those things with YOU.

Avoiding this level of closeness may feel like you’re slowing things down. But you’re actually speeding things up. When we take our time to get to know a man instead of diving in head first, we find out if he is actually serious about us or if he is in it to get physical.

Slow it down.
Take your time.

There is no need to go into each other’s homes and lose the ever so important formalities.

The formalities that he LOVES having…
He won’t tell you this though…

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